Review: Budget Blinds on Long Island

I know this is a bit unorthodox for a site devoted to fighting monsters in Final Fantasy, but I recently had such a good experience that I felt I needed to share it with the world. Plus, considering we’re now “world famous” bloggers, there’s no¬†better way to give a good review than through this platform.

I recently renovated my home and had new blinds and shades installed on each room’s windows. I chose to work with Budget Blinds and I’m incredibly glad I did. If you ever need anyone to handle installing your shades, they’re the ones to use.

The installation was painless and they were an absolute pleasure to work with. They didn’t just provide the means to install and create the shades, they provided their feedback, thoughts, ideas and years of experience. Their ideas helped me get the exact look I was going for (which is saying a lot, because I often have trouble putting into words what I’m seeing in my head).

Budget Blinds’ Certified Smart Home Consultants are truly experts in every sense of the word. They told me they’ve been serving the New York City area since 1920, and once they started talking to me I could see why. They take your vision and build upon it, so your left with the finest custom shades you could ask for.

Enough of me gushing, if you need blinds or miller place shades on Long Island call Budget Blings. You won’t be disappointed.